Artificial marble

This slab will be cut from man made block.Such artificial stone have very good price.It is suitable for tiles,wall cladding,windowsills….

We can offer many different color: Pure white, Crystal White,Grey,Beige Crystal……

Print Slab

We print vein on the artificial pure white marble, to get slab similar with Bianco carrara or calacatte white. The price is very competive.We have 2 way for it:

1,3D Inking, Use ink permeate into white Artificial marble.

2, 5D UV Slab, Use Ultraviolet LED Inkjet Printer, print the vein on slab, it has more better quality. And the color will be not easy faded.

Crystallized Glass(Nano Glass)

A kind of man made stone.We offer pure white color with very good physical character.