It is Internet age,Every one can find a new supplier easy in few mins from internet.But we will be your best choose, we will be your best business partner.

1, We are very experience in natural stone.

a. Some staff in our company have more than 20 years』 experience.We have been work with many different stone in China. We know

many stone factory in different area, we have very good and long time cooperate relation.

b. We can give you the latest information about Chinese stone. We will find new special stone for you.

c. We can offer you stone picture and information you need for free.

d. We are good at CAD, we can offer CAD service for free. and help you print and check drawing for free.

e. We will reply your quotation quickly.We can also help you prepare the sample.

f. we will consider reasonable profit, we will offer competitive price.

2, We know international business way.

We are the most honest Chinese business man.We will tell truth to our client. Stone is natrual products, it is hard to

advoid some trouble some time. We will alway meet different trouble during the business.What we do is hide it and remain

this trouble to our client. We will discuss with our client and do our best find the best slove way.The cooperate is very

important. We expect keep cooperate relation long time with every client.

3, We have very open business way.

We are yong company, we can accept any new style easy. We have very open business way.

a.We can allow our client put other supplier’s products in our container.

b.We even can help our client pay for other Chinese supplier.

c.We can be a third part inspector.If our client need our help.

d.We can also help our client find any other products beside stone products. we can share factory information directly, we will consider 5%~10%(based the quantity) on factory price and export to our client. Everything is open to our client.

Why choose trading company for stone business?

1, We know more the quality require different in the world. We can help you control the quality. The factory can offer different quality standard products based different price.In China, Stone construct is not very strict. Some low quality product still can be use, Because low labor cost allow Chinese pay more time to repair the project. But most overseas country labor cost is more higher than China. If there is any quality problem, the cost for repair

is very large.So the quality control is very important.

2, There are many different stone in China. The stone price is different based the area.Few countries in the world have so much variety of stone.China is a very big country.There are so many different stone in China. They are in different area. It is hard to produce every stone in the same factory.For example, G6xx mean the granite in Fujian province, G3XX means the granite in Shandong province. These 2 province is about 2000 KMS far away. To save cost, we had better find the most closed factory finish the order, and deliver them from the most closed port.

The factory near the quarry will get competitive price more easy. Some area in China have more lower labor cost.There are few factory can export by themself, they always find the trading company help them export. It is sure, some factory can buy many different stone block and process them, but such factory alway big and the cost is high, So the price they offer have

to high too.

3, Different factory good at different products
There are many different stone products, The produce line is different too. For example, you can get nice price with good quality kerbstone in a very small familly factory. You should buy Gangsaw slab from Gangsaw slab factory,Such factory alway have many gangsaw machine,and many slab on stock can choose. Some factory good at offer 1~2cm tiles, If you want 3~5cm tiles, maybe we had better choose other factory.

Trading company can give you the best way from you sent the inquire, and help you arrange the container deliver.